Here are some simple tips to keep your jewelry looking their best! 

 For your non-plated stainless steel jewelry with or without set stones, avoid rough handling and shocks otherwise some scratches may appear.  

 For your plated stainless steel jewelry with or without set stones, avoid perfume and any other strong or chemical products. Natural acidity of the body can also alter your plating jewelry. Avoid rough handling and shocks as well. If you notice that your jewel is fading, please try to remember if any of the previously mentioned causes may have occurred. Remember that the original color of stainless steel is silver, so it may happens that your pieces of jewelry become more silver after few months, we use PVD plating for very resistant plating but we are not responsible for shocks, scratches, chemical products, natural skin acidity. 

If you are unsure what color is best for your skin type or your daily routine, feel free to ask us! We would be glad to help. 😊


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